Thrifting 101 | Fashion Revolution Week

How to Thrift Like a Pro

Happy Fashion Revolution Week! Read my first post about why I don’t shop at Forever 21 and H&M here and about a sustainable fashion boutique in Philly here.


What is a consignment store?

You can bring your old clothes in for cash. Consignment stores usually have more brand names and are organized more like a traditional retailer. This makes it a perfect starting place for beginners.


What is a thrift store?

People can donate clothes. They resell them for much less than their original retail price. Thrift stores can sell you clothes by their weight or by the clothing piece and are usually scarier for beginners.


How can I start thrifting?

Thrifting can be overwhelming for some people. Secondhand stores are notorious for being disorganized, and a first-time thrifter can feel out of their league when faced with unlabelled racks and vintage sizing. Here are some of my tips for navigating thrift stores.

  1. Start at a consignment store before diving into a thrift store where you just go through bottomless bins and buy by the pound!

  2. Go to more than one thrift store. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find anything at the first or second one because you may hit the jackpot at another.

  3. Be open-minded. You’ll find the best pieces when you aren’t hunting for them.

  4. Wear a dress and shoes that are easy to take off to make trying clothes on more efficient.

  5. Go through the store more than once. Use the first round to get your bearings and go back when you see something that catches your eye.

  6. Find your go-to thrift store staples. Mine are lingerie tops for layering over t-shirts, silky button-down tops, and neck scarves.

  7. Always wash the clothes you buy before you wear them.

  8. Bring a reusable bag to continue positively affecting the environment.

  9. Branch out and try something new. Thrifting is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone.


Click here to look at how I style some of my favorite thrift store finds!


Thanks for reading!

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