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What We Did & What I Wore


Outfit of the Day - NYC Day Trip

Outfit of the Day

NYC Day Trip


Outfit Details

Sweater: Vintage Burberry- Thrifted

Faux Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Topcoat: H&M- Thrifted

Bag: Urban Outfitters

Earrings: Francesca’s

My friend says I look like a mom in this picture. I’m okay with it, honestly.


Styling Tip

Layers are a great way to adjust to transitional weather, and I think they make you look more put together.

Experiment with different jackets in your collection! It’s fun to play with different styles to create more depth to an outfit.





Our first stop was the Lichtenberg showroom, the largest soft window coverings manufacturer in the world.

They sell their products to every retailer under the sun, from Five Below to Macy’s.

It was interesting to see that the showroom was set up by collection because buyers are able to quickly look at the selection in groups and decide if it fits their target customer.


We took a quick lunch break at Shake Shack.We took a quick lunch break at Shake Shack.

We took a quick lunch break at Shake Shack.


Then we went to Meryl Diamond, Ltd., a contractor for QVC. A PhilaU alum explained her job as color and fabric manager, and another employee told us about her role in costing.



Our last stop was a presentation with the president and co-founder of the “Google Maps for the fashion industry,” Mike Niemtzo, who told us about WindowsWear, the visual merchandising database for retailers around the world.


We took a walking tour of window displays around the city, from Lord & Taylor to Saks Fifth Avenue.

My favorite was the gingham display at Lord & Taylor because it is one of my favorite prints of the moment. It takes on the prairie trend with straw accessories or can look classic with white and black staple clothing pieces as styled in the picture.




The trip was a great networking opportunity and a way to learn about more jobs in the fashion industry. Hearing about jobs that are behind-the-scenes made me rethink my career path, and I now want to explore supply chain and sourcing opportunities.



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